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Watch out – Piranha Plants about!

Whilst consulting the Wise Old Genie that is Google late one night for Mario Party ideas, I came across a tutorial for Piranha Plant Centre Pieces. I immediately dismissed the idea as being ridiculously cute but far too complex for Mummy Bear’s crafting skills, and pushed it from my mind. Unfortunately for me, Big Bear was next on the computer, and I forgot to close all tabs. So within 5 seconds it went from a cute but whimsical idea, to a mummy-you-don’t-have-a-choice-in-the-matter fact. And to be true to Big Bear they did look very cute guarding the party bag table at the party.


For ease we took the general assembly idea, and changed it a little to make it less time consuming. (Because us Bears will do anything for an easy life!) If you want to make Piranha plant centre pieces at home, you will need:

A pack of 6 polystyrene balls

6 x 25cm wooden dowels (I used the dowels left from stacking the birthday cake)

6 sturdy disposable plastic cups

1 sheet of white craft foam

48 flat topped drawing pins

1 sheet of white paper

1 sheet black tissue paper

Sharp knife

Pritt stick

Red, green and white acrylic paint

3 x small -paint brushes

Metal screwdriver

To start, use the sharp knife to cut a wedge out of each polystyrene ball to shape the mouth on the piranha plant’s head. Press a wooden dowel firmly into the bottom of the piranha plant’s head. This will give you something to hold the ball with whilst painting it. Use the small paint brush to paint the head (ball) red and the stalk (dowel) green, then stand in a glass to dry.


Heat a screwdriver on the hob and then use it to perforate a small hole in the base of each plastic cup. (I can not take credit for this part of inspired genius – it was Nanny Bear. I would have been hacking at the bottom of the cup with a pair of scissors.) Insert a plant through each hole so that it can now stand up right.

ImageCut out 8 triangular teeth per piranha plant out of paper, and the stick around the edge of the ‘mouth’ of each plant. Cover up where you have attached the teeth by cutting 2 strips of white craft foam per plant and using them for the lips. Due to the curvature of the polystyrene balls it will be difficult to attach the lips using glue, so these lips were pinned to the plant head using a drawing pin in each corner of the mouth, which were later painted white.


Create the green pipe base by cutting a sheet of green card almost in half length ways to create a collar to wrap around the plastic cup, and secure it into shape with the pritt stick. The collar needs to cover the entire plastic cup, and come approximately 2 cm more up the dowel stem towards the head of the plant. I didn’t feel the need to attach the green collar directly to the plastic cup as it will fit snugly and the lip on the cup will prevent the collar from sliding off when transporting the piranha plant. Fill the gap between the cup and the top of the green collar with scrunched up back tissue paper. Finally, paint 6 drawing pins per piranha plant white, and once dry insert them into the plant head.


And there we have it – Piranha plant centre pieces. I doubt there’s much call for these, but should you want to know how to make them, we’ve got it covered!

Now, back to baking!

Mummy Bear x


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