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Procrastination baking

Last weekend when I was supposed to be researching theories on Functional Socialism, I ended up becoming so absorbed in researching alternative plaiting techniques for bread, (which, in case Daddy Bear is reading, is not too dissimilar from Functional Socialism) I realised I had even missed X Factor. This says a LOT about my current obsession for bread braiding!

The technique I was most taken by was the 4 strand plaited round, which I have seen referred to as a ‘challah’ style. I was desperate to try it out, and had a pack of Parmesan and sundried tomato bread mix in my cupboard. It was fate. And this was the result:


Compared to the 8 strand plaited loaf, I found this quite a simple, logical braid to do, and I love the fact that it is round. However I’m not entirely sure it was suited to the bread mix I used, and it might be worth exploring how it would turn out with a lighter sweeter more traditional Challah loaf. I was going to photograph each stage of the braid, but was so consumed by plaiting that I totally forgot. It’s a good job Baby Bear has a well stocked playdough drawer, because an hour or so later a friend asked how to do it, and I was able to show it step by step in dough. Told you playdough plaiting was the way to go!


If there are any other bread braiding obsessives out there, please, come forward and let me know I’m not on my own! Meanwhile, I really need to get back to that Functional Socialism…..

Mummy Bear x


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  1. I love the 4 strand braid! Bread making is so satisfying. I am making a seed loaf right now…


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