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CAKE! (International)

You may have noticed that as of recently I seem to have lost my baking mojo. I even *shock horror* BOUGHT cake from a supermarket last week. I know. I have let the team down. So, in an attempt to clear my guilty conscience and reignite a baking passion… or at least my oven, Auntie Bear and I went to Cake International yesterday.

It was awesome, as usual. Stupidly, because Big Bear decided yesterday was the day to have some sort of freak out over ALL of his shoes, I was rushing and forgot my camera. So here are some photos taken on my (quite ancient and none i) phone of my favourite cakes on show!


Harry Potter and Cake, my two most favourite things in the whole world… Except the Bears of course!


Hagrid’s Hut….. this was astounding, my rubbish camera doesn’t show it, but through the door, INSIDE the cake was the furniture. It was Amazeballs.


This was so very realistic, even down to the drool coming from the mouth!




This was all completely edible – I would love to know how they did the panes of glass in the windows and doors!


Look at all those tentacles!


Another completely edible cake – how real does it look?!


Because Uncle Bear and Big Bear are both Skylanders obsessed…. Almost as much as I like Harry Potter!

Possibly the most beautiful cupcakes ever!


And these must be the most elegant cupcakes ever!



Cupcake Bouquet – WIN


It must have taken hours to pipe all that stitching on!





Yes, I love shoes too. And Cake.

This made me want to get married again, just to have this cake!


Or this one, I’m not fussy.



This effect was stunning.


I think this may have been the tallest cake in the show!

And saving one of the most stunning until last!


If you’ve never been to Cake International, go! (But use public transport, parking charges areĀ horrendous.) Not only is there amazing inspiration, but you can watch some fab product demonstrations, pick up some real bargains (and some not so great bargains, just have an idea of prices before you go) and also meet your Baking heroines. Awesome.

Ruth Clemens (From The Great British Bake Off, and author of The Pink Whisk) was there. I may have been a tad excited!


I will be back with a baking related post soon, my mojo is coming back. Hopefully, with better pictures this time.

Mummy Bear x






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  1. How are any of these even edible when they look so real? I’m wondering how they taste like. I hope it is as good as it looks.

  2. Wow fantastic, I so wish I could have gone!

  3. I *cannot* believe how talented these people are! Those wine bottles – wow!

  4. Great write up! Sharing this on my Facebook page =)


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