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Tastes just like Cherry Cola, C-O-L-A Cola.

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It tastes just like Cherry Cola, C-O-L-A Cola.

Even before the first batch of Cola Bear-y cakes had finished cooking, I was having visions about a cherry-cola version. Probably because I had a big bag of Haribo sour cherries pleading at me not to be eaten for breakfast.

These are using the same recipe as the Cola Bear-y cakes, except using the cherry soda stream syrup for the buttercream instead. I was also lucky enough to stumble across some cherry cola flavoured popping candy (at which point any one would be convinced it was my destiny to bake these cakes!) to sprinkle on the top before using the aforementioned sour cherry sweets as toppers.

This time I used a wilton 1M nozzle for the frosting. The syrup naturally colours the frosting the light brown, and I painted a strip of red gel food colouring in the piping bag to get the cherry stripe running through it.

And I added a straw again, just so Big Bear wouldn’t eat them. All the more for me!!

Mummy Bear x


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