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A long time ago in Bethlehem…

A long time ago in Bethlehem...

….There was a ginger bread stable.

Sans ginger. Because we went to bake the gingerbread and realised we had no brown sugar. Or baking soda . Or indeed ginger.

So just a…. stable. With turkish delight roof tiles.

Mummy Bear x

Getting our bake on

So I have rather neglected my kitchen as of late, (Daddy Bear even cooked the whole Christmas Dinner!) but yesterday Baby Bear decided to have a sudden unexpected mid day nap, and Big Bear asked to do some cooking.

However Daddy Bear heard my attempts to persuade Big Bear to bake some candy cane bear-y cakes (we have a candy cane surplus as no one likes mint in the Bear house!) and interjected saying that perhaps we should make something which was at least edible. Hmph. But Daddy Bear is always right.

Which is how we came about making Amaretti biscuits. Mainly because they are very quick and easy, so Big Bear wouldn’t lose interest half way through, but also because ages ago Daddy bear thought he was baking them, but ended up with Biscotti instead. True story.


We didn’t have any Amaretto liquor in the Bear house however, because Daddy Bear is now on the wagon, so Big Bear and I had to create an alcohol free version.


125g ground almonds

1 cup caster sugar

2 large egg whites

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp almond flavouring

1.Pre heat the oven to 180C. Measure all ingredient into one bowl, then beat with an electric mixer for five minutes until it is a smooth paste. Let the mixture sit for another five minutes on the side.

2.Sprinkle plain flour over two baking trays. Put a small round nozzle into a piping bag, and fill the bag with the mixture. Pipe small circles, about the size of a ten pence piece, 2 cm apart onto the baking trays.

3.Put the trays into the oven and bake for 15 minutes, turning if needed. Take them out and leave to cool before transferring into an air tight container.

4.Go to bedroom and play Lego Lord of the Rings for the duration of Baby Bear’s nap time.

(Last stage is optional)

Mummy Bear x

You know you’re addicted to Pinterest when…..

….. You match your Christmas cake to your wrapping paper.

It didn’t start off that way. Honest. But then every time I had a spare minute, some trickery happened and some how my head ended up filled with pretty wrapping ideas. So I succumbed, and bought some nice brown reindeer paper. And string. And tags. And baubles. And cute paper bags. And red spotty washi tape. (And a sharpie pen to decorate mugs with, which didn’t work and was a total con. But that’s another story.)


Which was just about acceptable. But then I bought more string. And washi tape. And a reindeer and snowflake cutter, and suddenly, before I knew it, I had a matching cake. Oops.


On the upside, it didn’t take long at all. Which was just as well, seeing I was rushing it on Christmas Eve. On the down side, Daddy Bear decided this was the point a Pinterest ban should be enforced, before I got any more crazy ideas. (Although this could have also been because I converted one of our storage units into a kids toy kitchen after being inspired by a certain website…. which may have involved several swear words on Christmas Eve!)


Hoping all Bear Friends had a magical Christmas!

Mummy Bear x

Tis the season to be Jolly……

….. Or at least it would be if everywhere wasn’t flooding outside, if I didn’t have a hideous cold and an assignment to hand in tomorrow. But never mind, because I have a secret weapon – Eggnog Bear-y Cakes! They have an eggnog flavoured sponge with a sparkly rum buttercream to make them look like snowballs.


The recipe for this is easy – use a normal vanilla cupcake batter, but replace the 240ml of milk with the same amount of non alcholic Eggnog (I discovered it in the world food aisle at Tesco) and bake as normal. Make the frosting by creaming 110g unsalted butter with 500g icing sugar, 75ml whole milk and 1 tsp rum flavouring (or real rum if you don’t have Baby Bears who want to lick all the frosting off every cake). When the cakes are cool, smear on the buttercream with a palette knife and sprinkle with white magic sparkles.

Spread the Christmas cheer – the holidays ARE coming!

Mummy Bear x

Speed Baking

Speed Baking

Just because it’s one month until Christmas, I’ve been having baking withdrawals and these mince pies are quick and easy. However, it may have started a Christmas baking frenzy – brace yourselves, Eggnog cupcakes are coming!

Mummy Bear x

Winter Baking Begins – The first fruit cake!

Winter Baking Begins - The first fruit cake!

After having to scrape ice off the car last week I have formally declared that it is winter, and hence forth only be baking autumnal and winter recipes. This explains why Nanny Bear’s birthday cake was a rich fruit cake (well, that and the fact I had some brandy soaked dried fruit hanging around my cupboard which were complaining bitterly that they hadn’t been eaten!)

Because of the pre-packed fruit I have no recipe for you, but I do have a little word of warning: Using Daddy Bear’s ‘anything for the quiet life’ motto, I bought pre rolled marzipan to cover the cake underneath the sugar paste. All I can say is don’t be lazy – roll it yourself, because it really needs to be kneaded before being rolled and applying to the cake to stop the cracks forming, and so defeats the point of spending more to have it pre rolled!

Now, I’m off to make a gingerbread latte and listen to Christmas carols – it’s only 12 weeks away you know!

Mummy Bear x


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