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Tastes just like Cherry Cola, C-O-L-A Cola.

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It tastes just like Cherry Cola, C-O-L-A Cola.

Even before the first batch of Cola Bear-y cakes had finished cooking, I was having visions about a cherry-cola version. Probably because I had a big bag of Haribo sour cherries pleading at me not to be eaten for breakfast.

These are using the same recipe as the Cola Bear-y cakes, except using the cherry soda stream syrup for the buttercream instead. I was also lucky enough to stumble across some cherry cola flavoured popping candy (at which point any one would be convinced it was my destiny to bake these cakes!) to sprinkle on the top before using the aforementioned sour cherry sweets as toppers.

This time I used a wilton 1M nozzle for the frosting. The syrup naturally colours the frosting the light brown, and I painted a strip of red gel food colouring in the piping bag to get the cherry stripe running through it.

And I added a straw again, just so Big Bear wouldn’t eat them. All the more for me!!

Mummy Bear x


Cola Bear-y Cakes

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This was one of my first adventures into the world of baking cakes based on drinks. I love cola. So much that I could easily class it as a food group, but I’d read lots of cola cupcake recipe reviews that said they tasted awful, or burnt easily or sunk and shrivelled because of too much liquid in the batter, and it totally put me off. That was until I was walking through ASDA one day and saw the soda stream flavours on offer… and who can resist a bargain? Well, not Mummy Bear that’s for sure! The recipe I followed in the end was based on the Hummingbird Bakery one in their Cake Days book, with some little alterations (mainly because I’m lazy!)

Cola Bear-y cakes

80g Stork

280g Golden caster sugar

240g self raising flour

240 ml full fat milk

1tbsp cola syrup

2 large free range eggs

Preheat oven to 190C. Beat together 80g stork, 280g golden caster sugar and 240g self raising flour until they look like fine bread crumbs. I use an electric hand whisk but you could use a normal hand whisk, if you have amazing biceps.

In a measuring jug, hand whisk together 240 ml full fat milk, 1 tbsp of cola syrup (I used the stuff you buy for soda streams) and 2 large eggs, just until they’re combined properly, don’t worry, you don’t need actual muscles for that! Slowly pour this into the dry mixture, beating with electric whisk on a low speed until everything is combined and the batter is smooth. Divide batter between 12-16 paper cases, bake in the oven for 20-22 mins. Leave to cool in the muffin tin.

For the frosting I beat together 160g unsalted butter, 500g icing sugar, 50ml full fat milk and 2 tbsp cola syrup in a bowl until light and fluffy then piped frosting onto the cakes using the large round nozzle. I also sprinkled the top with popping candy for an extra fizz and decorated with cola sweets and a 1/3 of a red straw to make them look pretty, although this completely freaked out Big Bear who started moaning about how you can’t drink cake, he wasn’t going to eat it OR drink it now and had I turned crazy?
Yes, clearly I had. More cake for me then!
Mummy Bear x

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