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Easter Eggcitement

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Easter Eggcitement

Pinterest has not let me down for once – Big Bear and Baby Bear (and even Daddy Bear) have loved having Bunny-Butt pancakes for breakfast this morning.

P.S the most awesome pancake recipe ever is here.

Mummy Bear x


A Year in the Bear’s Oven.

A Year in the Bear's Oven.

Our Favourite bakes from 2012!

A Happy, Healthy New Year to All Bear Friends,

Mummy Bear x

Bread baking and the quiet life (part two)

Bread baking and the quiet life (part two)

Or, if I was being completely honest, cheating! Buoyed with my earlier success with bread baking, Daddy Bear is keen for me to experiment with baking different types of bread. However, I was much less confident, so opted for for easy life and bought a pre-mixed James Martin packet. The instructions were really clear and timings worked perfectly, so I can thoroughly recommend it to any one who is tentatively exploring bread baking like myself. It definitely would have thrown me to have such a wet sticky bread dough to kneed had the packet not warned me in advance!

This was a Garlic and Rosemary Foccaccia, and the Bears ate it for a Saturday lunch with pan fried asparagus spears wrapped in smoked pancetta. It was delicious!

Mummy Bear x


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