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Chocolate mousse battles and domestic bliss

When Daddy Bear decides to cook, it generally involves a recipe from a famous chef, a very expensive trip to Tesco for brand new equipment and finest ingredients, copious amounts of cream and a lot of mess for me to clear up afterwards. Also he has this amazing knack of choosing to bake things which are far too grown up for Baby Bear’s taste buds (Like almond biscotti!) And I’m not just exaggerating or making grand sweeping statements, I have proof!

Exhibit number 1:

Daddy Bear saw this recipe in a Raymond Blanc book, immediately went to Tesco to buy all the ingredients AND new ramekins because our usual ones clearly were unsuitable and would have a negative impact on his culinary creations. Everyone knows the shape of a pot will change the taste. FACT. And not only did he end up with chocolate mousses which although had an amazing texture, were incredibly bitter and disliked by both Little Bears, but he had TEN egg yolks left on the side. TEN. Honestly, what can you do with that ridiculous amount of egg yolks?! (Well, as it turns out you can make seriously delicious crème brulees, but that is entirely beside the point!)

So Daddy Bear’s pride was a little hard hit, and he sat and stewed it over for a couple of months. Until last Saturday, whilst trying to convince Baby Bear to tidy up the trains in the living room again, Nigella’s new show came on. (And that is important – any other chef and he would have continued the never ending task of trying to educate Baby Bear on the virtues of tidying.) Nigella, in his eyes, is a Demi- God. Like In the Night Garden has some bizarre hypnotic power over Baby Bear, Nigella has the same over Daddy Bear. And Nigella was making chocolate mousse.

Cue another impromptu visit to Tesco to buy a ridiculous amount of expensive chocolate (But thankfully, no ramekins this time.) Now, I do grudgingly give Daddy Bear and Nigella some credit, because they turned out pretty damn awesome, and the Little Bears loved them. There was nothing what so ever that I could mock him for. I was gutted. Clearly though, that was down to my tub of marshmallow fluff Daddy Bear used instead of the actual marshmallows Nigella suggests in her recipe!

So the lesson learnt here is: Cocktail glasses are far superior to ramekins, they make everything taste wonderful.

(And sometimes Daddy Bear gets it right)

Mummy Bear x


Confessions of a dumb brunette

Confessions of a dumb brunette

These Peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich cookies came about only due to me being a complete airhead. A month or so ago, I bought a jar of peanut butter (the bears are not peanut butter sandwich fans) and a packet of jelly, because I wanted to make peanut butter and jelly bear-y cakes. But then Daddy Bear pointed out (whilst in mild hysterics) that when people refer to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they actually mean jam. I was disappointed to say the least and suddenly didn’t fancy it at all.

So out of this came a combination I did want to try – peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. I made a simple peanut butter cookie dough (8oz peanut butter, 8oz castor sugar, 1 egg, splash of vanilla essence – I know, no actual butter or flour, how cool!!) and baked it in the oven for 12 minutes at 180C. Once cooled I spread marshmallow fluff onto the underside of a cookie, and then sandwiched it together with a second cookie.

(With thanks to Heartsong cakes and crafts for the original peanut butter cookie recipe)

Mummy Bear x


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