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Easter Eggcitement

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Easter Eggcitement

Pinterest has not let me down for once – Big Bear and Baby Bear (and even Daddy Bear) have loved having Bunny-Butt pancakes for breakfast this morning.

P.S the most awesome pancake recipe ever is here.

Mummy Bear x

You know you’re addicted to Pinterest when…..

….. You match your Christmas cake to your wrapping paper.

It didn’t start off that way. Honest. But then every time I had a spare minute, some trickery happened and some how my head ended up filled with pretty wrapping ideas. So I succumbed, and bought some nice brown reindeer paper. And string. And tags. And baubles. And cute paper bags. And red spotty washi tape. (And a sharpie pen to decorate mugs with, which didn’t work and was a total con. But that’s another story.)


Which was just about acceptable. But then I bought more string. And washi tape. And a reindeer and snowflake cutter, and suddenly, before I knew it, I had a matching cake. Oops.


On the upside, it didn’t take long at all. Which was just as well, seeing I was rushing it on Christmas Eve. On the down side, Daddy Bear decided this was the point a Pinterest ban should be enforced, before I got any more crazy ideas. (Although this could have also been because I converted one of our storage units into a kids toy kitchen after being inspired by a certain website…. which may have involved several swear words on Christmas Eve!)


Hoping all Bear Friends had a magical Christmas!

Mummy Bear x


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