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Sprinkle, sprinkle, little star

Sprinkle, sprinkle, little star

Comic Relief challenge bake #4: Sprinkle Bear-y cakes .

They are made using the recipe for Sticky Confetti Cakes from the Great Comic Relief Bake Off book, but in cupcake form. (Because EVERYTHING is better in miniature. Except bank balances.)

If you haven’t tried baking sprinkles inside your cake batter, do it. Ridiculously easy and instant multi-coloured polkadots. Awesome!

Mummy Bear x

Medicinal Cake; the placebo effect.

Medicinal Cake; the placebo effect.

Honey and Lemon Bear-y cakes with a cream cheese honey frosting: Because cake can make everything better, especially sore throats. We even decorated them with yellow sugar crystals to look like crushed Strepsils.

Cold? What cold?!

Mummy Bear x

Pooping rainbows

Daddy Bear is very anti facebook and deems it’s only purpose is as an institution for procrastination and self indulgence. Well fair enough you may think, but this is coming from the guy who has had, at one point, 9gag as his default home page. 9gag, which was invented solely for the purpose of procrastination.

So when he saw that I was making rainbow cookies, his response was a little like this:

And then proceeded to tell me that actually, they weren’t rainbow cookies, but Unicorn Poop. Apparently, according to 9gag Unicorns poop rainbows. Who knew? He then proceeded to show me some completely pointless Nyan Cat. No, I didn’t get it. But then, he doesn’t understand why I was secretly praying that JK Rowling’s new book was actually ‘Harry Potter: The Epilogue’ in disguise. I digress, back to pooping unicorns:

I made the cookies following some super assembly instructions for Jen’s Just Desserts, (check out her page for really cute and fresh ideas for baking, but beware, you’ll blink and it will be midnight!)  and used my own recipe for the sugar cookie dough.


225g unsalted butter

225 g caster sugar

1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk

480g plain flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

Food colouring in Wilton Sky Blue, Sugarflair Mint Green, Home2Bke Yellow, Home2Bake Red

Multi coloured sprinkles

Cream butter sugar and salt for 2 minutes using an electric beater, then add in the egg, egg yolk and extract and beat again until combined. Add in the flour and baking powder and mix again, using your hands to prevent a flour cloud, until an evenly mixed dough forms.

Split the dough into 4 equal parts, and then colour each part using a different gel colour. You can use any colours you like, I just used the ones listed above because they are what I had to hand, with the highest contrast.

Wrap each ball of coloured dough in cling film, and then refrigerate for at least and hour. Once chilled and firm, remove from the fridge, and unwrap the cling film. Pull off a marble sized lump of each colour and roll them into small balls, then push the 4 balls into each other so they resemble a hacky sack.

Use the palm of your hand against the board to roll the ball into a sausage shape, and then wind the sausage shape into my current favourite spiral pattern. Gently roll the edge of the spiral in sugar sprinkles or non pareils, and then pop onto a baking tray. My Cookies didn’t stick to the tray, so there’s no need to worry about lining your baking tray (woohoo!).

Pop in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 C of until they are firm to touch on top. Remove from oven, leave for a minute and then transfer to a cooling rack.

Daddy Bear and Big Bear both think that these are awesome, clearly for different reasons. Or maybe Daddy Bear just never grew up. Baby Bear is also a fan, although I haven’t met a biscuit yet that he won’t eat, so that’s not really a fair assessment on the taste!

Mummy Bear x

My Big Fat Gyspy Cupcake

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I’m not one for being meticulously tidy in the kitchen, or organised at all, in general. Fact. But there are some things that I have surprised myself with, and one of those is my sprinkles box. Daddy Bear was beginning to complain that the kitchen cupboard had been taken over with little tubes of sprinkles, and there was no room for ‘actual food’. I did try to correct him in that they were all legally ‘food’ because the contain digestible ingredients, but he was adamant my argument was invalid. I digress. Again.

Anyway, this came to the creation of the sprinkles box. It’s a large craft box I bought from Hobbycraft, and then each type of sprinkle has it’s own compartment, all kept in one neat organised box. Yes, I know, I impressed myself.


In general it has been fantastic, but it is a bit like the Elder wand, in the wrong hands the results can be dangerous. Please, keep in mind that the cake in the next photograph has been decorated by grown adults, who may or may not have got a bit carried away with the powers of the box, and created something which can only be described as My Big Fat Gyspy Cupcake. Please avert your eyes if easily offended.


You were warned!

Mummy Bear x

Rainbow Bear-y cakes

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Rainbow Bear-y cakes

I love these cakes. How can you look at them and not smile?! Also I love them because they’re easy to make. There’s no fiddling for hours with tiny sugar paste decorations (which I’m pretty sure I would love if it didn’t mean I’d discover ww3 had broken out in the kiddies bedroom because my back was turned for more than 2 minutes whilst dusting roses) but they still look amazeballs!
Lots of people have asked me for a how-to, and here’s the basics:

Make your normal vanilla batter, spilt into 4 bowls, colour each bowl of batter a different colour using gel paste colourings. Put a spoonful of each colour batter into a white cake case. Bake as per your normal recipe. Frost with white buttercream and decorate with Dr Oetker Polka dots or rainbow string sweets. Et voilà!

Mummy Bear x


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