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My Big Fat Gyspy Cupcake

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I’m not one for being┬ámeticulously tidy in the kitchen, or organised at all, in general. Fact. But there are some things that I have surprised myself with, and one of those is my sprinkles box. Daddy Bear was beginning to complain that the kitchen cupboard had been taken over with little tubes of sprinkles, and there was no room for ‘actual food’. I did try to correct him in that they were all legally ‘food’ because the contain digestible ingredients, but he was adamant my argument was invalid. I digress. Again.

Anyway, this came to the creation of the sprinkles box. It’s a large craft box I bought from Hobbycraft, and then each type of sprinkle has it’s own compartment, all kept in one neat organised box. Yes, I know, I impressed myself.


In general it has been fantastic, but it is a bit like the Elder wand, in the wrong hands the results can be dangerous. Please, keep in mind that the cake in the next photograph has been decorated by grown adults, who may or may not have got a bit carried away with the powers of the box, and created something which can only be described as My Big Fat Gyspy Cupcake. Please avert your eyes if easily offended.


You were warned!

Mummy Bear x


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