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Why do foxes glow?

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In which I bombard you with photos and beat a hasty retreat to answer REALLY important questions from Big Bear about why foxes glow when they’re pregnant*. And to stop Baby Bear from dialling 999…. again. 



I claim they are homage to Wimbledon and strawberries. Really I just got over excited with the Cath Kidston sale. 



They’re Earl Grey flavour. Because there’s no time for the Great British tea and cake tradition when you’re trying to fish out coins that have been lovingly inserted into air vents. So it has to be tea flavoured cake instead. It’s just as good, although cake flavoured tea might be quicker. Just a thought. 



Pretty sure the Bears are the ONLY people who don’t understand the Pimms fascination. They aren’t particularly British summer-esque, but at least they taste pretty awesome: Malibu and Coke flavoured Bear-y cakes. Having said that, Daddy Bear doesn’t like Malibu. Herein lies the reason why Mummy Bear’s diet always fails. Cola flavoured sponge topped with a malibu and lime buttercream frosting, amazingly cute straws, and the most humongous tantrum from Baby Bear when I wouldn’t let him lick the frosting bowl. 



Actually, this is more Wimbledon-ish isn’t it? I did start a diet. And then I made this. And it had no soggy bottom and was absolutely delicious. But did have an entire tub on marscapone in it. So basically the diet had been pointless. 




And that moment when you realise LAST weekend was Father’s day, and the computer won’t print your amazon voucher? Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell flavour Bear-y cakes. Almond sponge, filled with cherry jam and topped with lemon glace icing. Or, how to get out of a tight spot using lots of sugar. 




Except I haven’t showered yet. So maybe the recipes will come later. Much later.

Mummy Bear x 

*Fantastic Mr Fox; confusing asd kids since 2009. 

Mr Fox: By the way, you look unbelievably beautiful tonight. You’re practically glowing. Maybe                                                                                                             it’s the lighting. 


Last of the summer strawberries

On Sunday it was beautiful weather – the sun was shining the wind disappeared and it finally looked like Summer had arrived. In September. Whilst out with the Bears I came across a market stall selling super cheap and teeny strawberries. So I bought two punnets, thinking I would try another thing off my must-try list: Jam. However, between the market and the Bears’ house, a whole punnet seemed to disappear. I suspect it had something to do with Big Bear’s tummy.

At least it meant my jam making attempt borderline disaster was limited to a small amount! The recipe I used was one I found using my good friend Google, chosen because it looked the easiest.



380g Strawberries

350g Caster sugar

50 ml Lemon juice

Measure all the ingredients into a heavy bottomed saucepan. Use a potato masher to mash the strawberries to the size you prefer in your jam. Bring the ingredients to the boil, and stir continually until the jam is the desired consistency. The recipe I followed suggested boiling it for 20 minutes, however, my jam was definitely more of a toffee consistency when I’d followed this instruction. Delicious, but not really spreadable! Still, I persisted and sterilized a jam jar (20 minutes at 180C in the oven, on a shelf lined with baking paper) and poured the jam into the jar and left to cool. Baking Jammie Dodgers have now moved right up the to-bake list, as I have a lot of jam/toffee to use up!

The following day Auntie Bear repeated the recipe using the same ingredients, but boiling for much less time, around 8 minutes. She also used the recipe for simple Vanilla bear-y cakes to make batch of plain cupcakes, unwrapped each one from their muffin cases once baked, sliced in half horizontally and filled with her brilliant jam to make individual Victoria sponges. These also seemed to disappear into Big Bear’s tummy before I could realise!

And as for the weather – well I had to scrape ice of the car’s windscreen this morning. So much for strawberries and summer, I think it’s time to break out the mince pies!


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