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Why do foxes glow?

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In which I bombard you with photos and beat a hasty retreat to answer REALLY important questions from Big Bear about why foxes glow when they’re pregnant*. And to stop Baby Bear from dialling 999…. again. 



I claim they are homage to Wimbledon and strawberries. Really I just got over excited with the Cath Kidston sale. 



They’re Earl Grey flavour. Because there’s no time for the Great British tea and cake tradition when you’re trying to fish out coins that have been lovingly inserted into air vents. So it has to be tea flavoured cake instead. It’s just as good, although cake flavoured tea might be quicker. Just a thought. 



Pretty sure the Bears are the ONLY people who don’t understand the Pimms fascination. They aren’t particularly British summer-esque, but at least they taste pretty awesome: Malibu and Coke flavoured Bear-y cakes. Having said that, Daddy Bear doesn’t like Malibu. Herein lies the reason why Mummy Bear’s diet always fails. Cola flavoured sponge topped with a malibu and lime buttercream frosting, amazingly cute straws, and the most humongous tantrum from Baby Bear when I wouldn’t let him lick the frosting bowl. 



Actually, this is more Wimbledon-ish isn’t it? I did start a diet. And then I made this. And it had no soggy bottom and was absolutely delicious. But did have an entire tub on marscapone in it. So basically the diet had been pointless. 




And that moment when you realise LAST weekend was Father’s day, and the computer won’t print your amazon voucher? Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell flavour Bear-y cakes. Almond sponge, filled with cherry jam and topped with lemon glace icing. Or, how to get out of a tight spot using lots of sugar. 




Except I haven’t showered yet. So maybe the recipes will come later. Much later.

Mummy Bear x 

*Fantastic Mr Fox; confusing asd kids since 2009. 

Mr Fox: By the way, you look unbelievably beautiful tonight. You’re practically glowing. Maybe                                                                                                             it’s the lighting. 


Toddler trouble.

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The Bears and I have been absent for a while. There is a very good reason for this, and it comes in the shape of a not-so-small two year old. I tried baking with him.


It ended in a state of sugar induced hyperactivity, a broken measuring jug and very very little sleep. Oh yes, and a cake which looked like I had assembled it, run over it with the car, and then tried to fix it up again.

Image(It’s a Maple Syrup and Pecan layer cake with marscapone frosting, from Delia’s gorgeous new book. It did taste fantastic, but not fantastic enough to warrant only two hours sleep.)

And then I tried baking without him. This time the cakes were at least edible looking. And tasted exactly as they should:

 Image(These are Turkish Delight Bear-y Cakes: Chocolate cake, topped with a rose flavoured buttercream and dark chocolate sprinkles. Recipe may follow. Should the Toddler ever sleep.)

However, my living room wall no longer looked like it should:


Neither did Daddy Bear’s computer screen. Or the sofa. And so, we stopped baking.

That completes my absence letter.

We hope to be back soon!

Mummy Bear x

Easter Eggcitement

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Easter Eggcitement

Pinterest has not let me down for once – Big Bear and Baby Bear (and even Daddy Bear) have loved having Bunny-Butt pancakes for breakfast this morning.

P.S the most awesome pancake recipe ever is here.

Mummy Bear x

A wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all around!

I also love Johnny Depp. But that’s besides the point. 

A friend has trusted me to make the top cake for their wedding. It’s not till October, but I am excited. And pooping my pants.

So last night we practised. And avoided any more research into the value of Reggio Emelio inspired displays in the outdoor classroom.

And then this morning Baby Bear helped me to take some photographs. Well, I say helped. I mean that whilst I was trying to find some natural light in the Bears teeny tiny flat, Baby Bear painted my drying foam with edible glue. Very helpful.




At this point Baby Bear was poking at the flowers between photos and saying “Mmmmm, hungry mumma” and making exaggerated licks towards the cake. 



And by now he was drawing on the oven in blue edible pen, and singing “Paint, paint, Dora, paint”. So we pretty much gave up. 




So now we’re off to scrub the oven. And the kitchen floor. And Baby Bear himself. And then maybe bake some stem ginger shortbread!

Mummy Bear x

Comedy Baking

Comedy Baking

Granny Bear brought a hamper of baking supplies and this years Great Comic Relief Bake Off book to keep the Little Bears and I busy over half term. In amongst potty training. And generally avoiding writing any uni assignment.

On your marks, get set, bake!



As mentioned before, The Bears aren’t huge Halloween fans…. but we can’t resist a bit of pumpkin carving. Especially if it has a Mario theme!

Mummy Bear x

Don’t believe everything you read…

Last week I saw an awesome idea about how to make Jelly worms for Halloween. It looked amazing, and also incredibly simple. Well looks can be deceiving.

As usual, I started to make these and then realised I didn’t have exactly the right ingredients. Never fear. Just make it up as you go along, right?! I guessed as long as you have some straws some form of jelly and a tall glass, you’re essentially good to go. Well yeah, sort of. What I didn’t figure that you’d also need is a bucket full of patience. Good job Baby Bear has worked so hard to extend mine over the last two years then.

Ingredients (That I used.. the original recipe was different)

1 pack Hartleys raspberry jelly cubes

1/2 pint boiling water

1/3 cup double cream

1 tsp black liquid food colouring

Measure out 1/2 pint of boiling water. Cut the jelly cubes into the boiling water and stir until they have all dissolved. Put in the fridge until it has cooled to room temp. One cool, pour in the cream and the black food colouring and mix.

Assemble your straws so they are wedged in to the glass, and tie with a band at the top. Pour the disgusting jelly/cream mix into the straws slowly. It will seep out the bottom and start to fill the gaps into the glass too, but due to some physics which is beyond me, it will also fill the straws to the same level (so use the tallest glass that you have) so all will be good. Once you have poured as much of the mix into the straws/glass as possible, place the glass into the fridge and leave to set overnight.

Don’t be tempted to remove the straws any earlier, even if the jelly you can see in the glass has set, because it takes much longer for it to set in the straws (apparently the straws act as insulators. Wow, this is full of science.) Once set, pull the straws out of the glass one at a time, and squeeze one end (really hard!) until the worm starts popping out of the other end.

The once all the straws are empty, and you’ve figured out what you’re going to do with all the revolting looking jelly left in the glass (don’t ask me, mine is still sat on the side, waiting to be washed up!) you can use them to freak out your children. Or other people’s children.

Yes, they look cool, but don’t be fooled, it is a LOT of effort. This is why the Bears much prefer Christmas and Birthdays. At least there is cake involved then!

Mummy Bear x


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